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United Kingdom

Obsidian Discs G5 Splinter

Putt & Approach Discs

Find the perfect putter. A great selection of disc golf putters and putt and approach discs by Innova, Discmania, Millenium, Kastaplast and Legacy Discs.

Obsidian Discs G5 Splinter

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Obsidian Discs G5 Splinter


Flight Numbers

Speed 3 / Glide 2 / Turn 0 / Fade 3.5

Colour / Weight:
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Beeeeeefy! Don’t let the lighter weights fool you this is possibly the most overstable putter we have ever thrown.

The Obsidian Discs Splinter is a great puddle top putter. It is very overstable and does not flip over even when thrown very hard. It has a predictable and reliable strong fade.

The bottom part of the rim is rounded comfortably to help you to release the disc every time with the same accuracy. For more advanced players it will be a great reliable disc for approaching in windy conditions.

The Splinter is not your average putter but it makes a fantastic utility approach disc. Here at Launch we use it when we need to make an escape shot that has to get round somthing quickly then drop and stop. Try one you will be surprised how many throws it saves you.

G5 Plastic:

G-type plastic is a super soft and grippy special blend that will hug and hold on to the chains or absorb landing impact so it stays put. It will allow you to use a bit softer touch on the disc improving your release. It works awesomely wet conditions and for delicate escape shots.