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Review - Kastaplast Falk


Disc Golf disc reviews and event write ups.

Review - Kastaplast Falk

Dan Whiteman

This Disc Soars!

Model Thrown - Mint Green 173g (First Run)

Flight Numbers - 9/6/-2/2

Headlines -

  • Glide, glide, glide - did I mention glide?
  • Great feeling K1 plastic
  • Best for improving players, moderate arms and those stronger throwers looking for a turning flight.

The Review -

Kastaplast's first true fairway/lower speed distance driver. People have been asking for it and Kastaplast have delivered! At a speed rating of 9 this disc falls nicely into the gap between the Kaxe/Kaxe Z (speed 6) and the Grym X and Grym (speed 12 and 13 respectively). With a name like Falk (Swedish for hawk/falcon) let's start with the important stuff - how it flies. This disc has something for everyone. It glides for days for players with an improving game. Stepping up from fairway drivers this disc will fly long and straight and the same could be said for those players with moderate arms looking for a bit more distance. Players with a stronger arm will find that thrown flat (at say 75%) this disc will hold a long, lazy, anhyzer line (as it slows it looks like it should drop but it keeps on going) before fading a little at the end of its flight. With a stronger throw the Falk can be hyzer-flipped to pop up flat, then stays straight or produces a little turn. This disc will produce great results in a tailwind with a lovely S-curve flight.

The Falk feels great in the hand. It has a slightly rounded nose, so no sharp line where rim meets flight plate. The inside rim depth is just right for allowing a good grip and the gentle dome allows the thumb to sit comfortably on top of the disc. The K1 plastic is top-notch and, as we have come to expect from Kastaplast, these discs are beautifully finished. 

In summery the Falk is a great addition to the Kastaplast line-up. It has something for everyone and is likely to become a firm favourite. If you want glide and distance let the Falk soar!