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REVIEW - Kastaplast Berg


Disc Golf disc reviews and event write ups.

REVIEW - Kastaplast Berg

Dan Whiteman

A stand out in a sea of putters -

Models thrown - K3 Orange 170g & K1 Red 172g

By the numbers - 1/1/0/2

Headlines -

  • A great headwind putt and approach disc
  • Throw forehand approaches with confidence
  • Unique grip feels great in the hand

The Review -

For our first foray into disc reviews we thought we would start with a disc that has quickly become a firm favourite. The Berg does what it says on the tin - it is a slow, stable, rock-steady putt and approach disc. The K1 plastic is a tad more stable than the K3 and has a little more dome, but in either plastic the disc has enough stability to handle most head-winds. Sticking with the plastic theme both have their benefits. The K3 being the base plastic is grippy and feels great in the hand. Better still we have found despite being put through a tonne of work in the last few months it has held up really well. The rim is chunky and so, despite marking a little on heavy impacts, it has suffered no big dents or grazes. In K1 the disc is still grippy enough to instill confidence in the release and yet is pretty bullet proof (not literally) - several heavy impacts have barely left a mark. The great feel of this disc is further enhanced by the unique flight plate with its ski jump/ramp. Your hand is able to curl a little round the rim as the thumb sits lower than usual making it one of the most comfortable to hold discs we have thrown.

What really surprised however, given the numbers is how well this disc performed as an approach disc. Once you have learned how much power to give it, usually a little more than a more glidey disc it will fly straight and then drop. Thrown with hyzer it will hold a line whist if released on an anhyzer angle and enough height with will flex nicely. This is a great attribute when you want to make an approach and minimise the risk of a roll away. This discs stability also makes it great for throwing forehand, it tolerates the snap really well and unless thrown full tilt is pretty hard to turn over.

In short, if you want a rock steady putt and approach disc that can stand up to the wind and you can throw with confidence, you'll love the Berg!