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Disc Golf disc reviews and event write ups.

Review - Legacy Discs Aftermath

Dan Whiteman

Big distance once the dust settles!

Model Thrown - Red 173g - Icon Plastic

Flight Numbers - 13 / 5 / -2 / 3

Headlines -

  • Big distance

  • Long control hyzers

  • Great feeling Icon Plastic - grippy and tough

What Legacy say -

" The Aftermath will leave all other discs in its dust. Amateur players will see an increase in their distance as this disc has a gentle turn and predictable finish. Professional players and power throwers will find a nice turn without it rolling over."

The Review -

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an 'aftermath' as:

"The consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event."

In our opinion the only unpleasent events after letting rip with an Aftermath will be the annoyed faces of your discing buddies as they watch it fly into the distance and, somewhat paradoxically, the distance you will have to walk before you get to throw another disc. 


Get it up to speed with a bit of airspace to use around it and the Aftermath is a bomber. We wouldn't recommend this disc for beginners but for anyone with decent power and form it will fly far. In calm conditions when released flat it flew pretty much to the numbers, producing a nice long S curve, turning a bit before producing a dependable fade at the end of its flight. Mild head winds exagerated the turn as to be expected, but the disc was stable enough not to flip and dive to the ground.

One element of this disc we really enjoyed was the long controlled hyzers the Aftermath produced when we backed off the power to around 75-80%. That's not to say that we would throw this disc generally on densely wooded courses, but when we needed to place a long hyzer the speed 13 nature of this disc allowed it to cut through the air with ease and was spot on for the job.

The Aftermath has a fairly flat profile and for its rim size feels good in the hand. The Icon plastic is awesome, it provides good grip, is tough but also has enough flex to get a good purchase on the disc when throwing hard.

In conclusion, when proof reading this review we noticed we had used the words long and distance many times. Enough said really!